AWS Lambda: Ultimate Cloud Computing Business Value

As an Advanced Partner, Thundra helps AWS Lambda developers debug, troubleshoot, and secure their AWS Lambda applications.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is secure and the most frequently used cloud platform offering compute power, database storage, and many more services in a flexible and extensive way to enable developers to build resilient, secure and scalable applications.  


AWS Lambda is the Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform of AWS enabling developers to run their code triggered by various events without managing and provisioning servers. It is revolutionary with its pay-as-you-go pricing model, charging nothing when the code doesn't work. 


AWS Lambda revolutionizes the application development on the cloud by enabling developers to build resilient distributed and event-driven applications.

Managing such applications requires intelligent tracing of distributed systems to discover the problems, performance, and security bottlenecks.

Built for debugging, observability, and security, Thundra provides deep security and performance insights into serverless workloads. Thundra enables software teams to take actions faster to improve the distributed business workflows of serverless applications where data is spread across multiple managed services and third-party APls.

Thundra eases the debugging process with distributed and local tracing of serverless applications using AWS Lambda functions. Thundra improves MTTR and consolidates to one platform what used to require multiple costly and disconnected tools to monitor applications, detect issues, alert, debug, troubleshoot, optimize costs, remove security vulnerabilities, and prove continual compliance.

As an Advanced AWS Technology Partner, Thundra provides top-notch service to serverless developers and operations people to ease the troubleshooting, debugging, and securing of AWS Lambda applications.


Benefits of using Thundra with AWS

Thundra for Developers
  • Rapidly troubleshoot and debug applications quickly
  • Understand and manage costs
  • Automate continuous configuration, enforcement, and verification of security and compliance controls
  • Reduce context switching across multiple tools
  • Understand application behavior using fine-grained cardinality
  • Integrate alerts and actions with workflows and systems
Thundra for DevOps/SRE teams
  • Understand and manage applications end-to-end to improve MTTR and meet SLAs
  • Distinctly understand application health separate from underlying infrastructure health
  • Gain a single instance of the truth across teams to understand and troubleshoot application health
  • Integrate alerts and actions with existing workflows and systems
Thundra for Security Professionals
  • Create and deploy the white list and blacklist templates for application security and compliance.
  • Automate continuous configuration, enforcement, and verification of security and compliance controls.
  • Auto-detect anomalies with automatic black-listing of anomalies.
  • Alert and takes actions as appropriate.
  • Leverage integrations with a variety of systems to incorporate Thundra as part of overall IT security.
Thundra for Management
  • Gain end-to-end visibility and management for containerized, VM, and serverless applications.
  • Proactively manage using metrics and benchmarks for organizational, operational, and business performance, improving productivity and value creation.
  • Use the platform to define best practices and reinforce behaviors contributing to high performance.
  • Standardize tooling and management of application health across teams.
  • Transition safely and efficiently to serverless-centric architectures and operating models.
  • Reduce spend on multiple tools.

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When you add Thundra to your serverless application, it automatically detects the distributed and local traces, metrics and logs. You can plug Thundra into your serverless application written in Node.js, Python, Java, .NET, Golang smoothly. There are numerous way of integrating Thundra like:

  • With AWS SAM to all of your functions with no code change.
  • With Lambda Layers added into your project from AWS Management Console or AWS CloudFormation
  • With a one-click operation from Thundra Console.


Sign up, set-up, and start analyzing your data in just a few minutes. Simply add Thundra’s artifacts into your AWS Lambda project and start exploring!