Application Modernization

Thundra supports high complexity application structures enabling code debugging, distributed tracing, and monitoring into many AWS services.

Observability into AWS Services

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thundra journey

Modernization Journey

Cloud computing requires a new way of thinking about application architecture and design. Cloud applications are ought to be designed in a way to leverage the advantages of the cloud from the ground up unlike any legacy application ever can. Cloud migration is also a modernization journey because applications should not just be hosted on cloud but be made for the cloud.

thundra journey
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Complexity Increases

Applications are increasingly built using services provided by cloud services, services provided by other vendors, and even services provided by other teams in the same organization. As the complexity of the applications increases, developers are expected to manage that complexity before and after the application is pushed to production.

thundra  end to end debugging

End-to-end Debugging

Thundra helps application teams modernize their applications on AWS cloud. It is built for end-to-end debugging and observability. Thundra removes the debugging burdens and enables developers to put tracepoints to the code which don’t break the execution but take snapshots. Then takes it to the next level by displaying the distributed trace visually. Lastly, developers can apply hotfixes and reload without having to redeploy.

thundra  end to end debugging