AWS Cloud Migration

Ensure Successful Migration to AWS Cloud with Thundra

thundra debugging

Oldschool Debugging

When developers push application code to development environments in pre-production on AWS cloud, they usually lose the ability of traditional debugging with breakpoints. The only thing they can do is to read the logs carefully and understand what’s going wrong. If they can’t understand the issue, they need to re-deploy the code with more logs.

This creates a huge drawback of migrating development environments to cloud because a considerable amount of time and performance is wasted here.

thundra debugging
native debugging

The Best Native Debugging

Thundra accelerates the cloud migrating by providing the best native debugging for cloud applications. Developers are able to debug applications on AWS cloud by putting tracepoints to the code execution to extract information out of it. When they want to test the small fixes, they can fast-reload the application without having to re-deploy. Thundra enables application teams save a lot of time while developing and debugging cloud applications.

thundra catalyzer

Thundra is the Catalyzer

Since Thundra removes the obstacles of remote development and lets application teams dramatically save time, it becomes much more easier to migrate to AWS cloud with confidence.

Thundra empowers and encourages software teams migrate to AWS cloud from the beginning of their software cycle — set up remote development environments on AWS.

thundra catalyzer

Observability into AWS Services

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Benefits of Thundra in Migration Phases

Thundra provides end-to-end visibility into any application before-during-after cloud migration.

remote Proof of Concept Phase

bullet No need to mock AWS services in local.

bullet Gain confidence by visualizing microservices applications.

bullet Ensure code works before production.

performance Scaling up Phase

bullet Develop event-driven, distributed applications confidently.

bullet Debug any application in any environment - live and at scale.

bullet Reduce development and operational costs.

bullet Reduce time to market with new services.

migration Migration Phase

bullet Develop in AWS, remote debug with Thundra.

bullet Trace applications automatically with correlated logs, metrics, and traces.

bullet Development cycle times are improved by Thundra.