Debug, test, deliver, and monitor modern microservices on AWS cloud

Our goal is to ensure developers success on AWS. Thundra's products are developers everyday tools for delivering reliable, resilient, and robust applications.

Thundra Cloud

Developers’ everyday tools from Thundra

With Thundra, developers can improve the development cycle times dramatically. Since Thundra focuses on solving the pains of pre-production issues in AWS cloud applications, it also eliminates problems in production. Thundra minimizes the need for on-call response, increases developer productivity, and helps deliver robust and resilient applications.


Thundra & AWS - Better Together!

Thundra & AWS helps developers to embrace the power of remote development without any drawbacks. Applications teams can move their workloads to the AWS cloud or improve & modernize their applications without hesitating with the combined solution of AWS & Thundra.

Applications teams are mostly used to develop in their local environments and deploy to the cloud during staging before production. Today, many modern companies embrace remote development in cloud environments. But one of the biggest drawbacks to adopting remote development is the difficulty to debug code.

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It’s unpleasant when the speed of the developer is limited. Since the code has to be pushed to the cloud every time a change is made, development speed drastically decelerates. Additionally, it is almost impossible to debug applications when you have distributed complex microservices architectures on the cloud.

Organizations that are increasingly adopting a cloud-native approach and modernizing their applications or migrating to the cloud need to ensure that they have visibility into their applications in all environments of the development lifecycle.

To ensure full visibility into applications from pre-production to post-production environments, developers can develop, debug, test, and deliver modern microservices on AWS cloud with Thundra.

Ensure Successful Migration to AWS Cloud with Thundra

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Benefits of Thundra for AWS customers

Use Cases

Improve development cycle times

Deep visibility across distributed microservices

Ensure services work before merging

Prevent production issues

Key Features

Remote debug 10x faster

Reduce time to market

Debug remote apps as from local

Reduce development and operational costs

Application Modernization with Thundra

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Observability for all!

For faster time-to-market, delivering robust applications, improved cycle times, you need to have full observability into all stages of the development lifecycle. Observability of the Development Lifecycle is Necessary to Improving Cycle Times. Thundra's comprehensive products shed an observability light on the DevOps pipeline.

Thundra provides full observability solutions throughout the whole DevOps pipeline.

For CI & CD with Thundra Sidekick and for CD & CF with Thundra APM. Thundra's solutions lets developers monitor every layer of complex AWS environments.

What is Thundra and what are Sidekick and APM?

Thundra is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, helping AWS customers build faster and more reliable software with boosted developer productivity.

Thundra holds the AWS DevOps Competency and is a member of the ISV Accelerate Program. Thundra complies with enterprise contracts on AWS Marketplace and is a member of the SPPO Program.

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Thundra Sidekick is an application debugger for remote pre and post productions environments. It enables developers debug their applications 10x faster than before. With Sidekick, developers can debug any kind of applications such as microservices applications with distributed architectures hosted on AWS cloud or on-premises. Developers who embrace DevOps and are motivated to solve the pains of pre-production issues in cloud applications use Sidekick to eliminate problems in production thereby minimizing the need for on-call response, increase productivity, and deliver robust and resilient applications.

Use Cases

Remote debugging

Test performance optimization

Troubleshooting testing failures

Flaky tests

Key Features

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

Distributed tracing

Web suit

VS Code Plugin

Thundra Sidekick Solution Brief

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Thundra APM is an application observability tool for cloud-native microservices. It helps you to understand your distributed applications' behavior end-to-end, ensure application health, performance, and cost-effectiveness. DevOps, SRE, and software developers use APM to active and passive monitor their applications to optimize performance. APM's lightweight agents enable you to trace your distributed transactions end-to-end and understand the root causes of the errors and latencies of your distributed applications by automated tracing. APM's record and replay feature lets you travel back in time and debug your code line-by-line. The real-time AWS Lambda debugger lets you stop your function execution at the breakpoints you set and debug from your IDE in your own AWS environment.

Use Cases

Issue Resolving

Deep visibility accross distributed microservices

AWS Lambda debugging

Key Features

Distributed tracing

Record & Replay code executions line-by line

Live AWS Lambada debugging

Thundra APM Solution Brief

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