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Observability & Security for Serverless Applications

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Debugging, Monitoring, and Securing Serverless Apps

Serverless allows organizations to focus on business logic, leaving non-functional concerns to AWS. Stateless and distributed, serverless apps are hard to debug, troubleshoot, and secure. Just like any application, serverless applications experience performance problems. Functions fail to execute or take a long time to run, becoming costly performance issues difficult to identify and address. Vulnerabilities may be introduced by architectures composed of independent functions open to external interactions. Developers must manage debugging, monitoring, troubleshooting, as well as security and compliance at the same time.


The Thundra Solution

Performance and Security Insights for Serverless-Centric Apps

Built for debugging, observability, and security, Thundra provides deep security and performance insights into serverless-centricworkloads. Thundra enables software teams to take actions faster to improve the distributed business workflows of serverlessapplications where data is spread across multiple managed services and third-party APIs. Thundra eases the debugging processwith distributed and local tracing of serverless applications using AWS Lambda functions. Thundra improves MTTR and consolidatesto one platform what used to require multiple costly and disconnected tools to monitor applications, detect issues, alert, debug,troubleshoot, optimize costs, remove security vulnerabilities, and prove continual compliance.


Build secure and healthy serverless applications by discovering issues, understanding root causes, and taking rapid actions.


Discover Bottlenecks

Detect issues 50% faster by visualizing the serverless architecture aggregated by traces, metrics, and logs viewed in a single pane.


Troubleshoot in Minutes

Reduce MTTR by 60% with Thundra’s actionable real-time alerts. Assess business impact and take rapid actions.

cost optimization-64

Optimize Cost

Reduce your bill up to 40%. Identify resource costs and improve resource utilization where necessary.


Granular Security & Compliance

Monitor security and compliance across dev, test, and runtime using whitelists, blacklists, and automatic detection and blacklisting of anomalies for all AWS Lambda functions and serverless services.

Thundra on AWS

Thundra, an AWS APN Advanced Technology Partner and DevOps competency holder, is an enterprise SaaS company providing the industry’s first Application Observability and Security Platform™ for serverless-centric, container, and virtual machine workloads. Application teams spanning software development, DevOps/SRE, IT operations, and IT security rely on Thundra to run fast safely, troubleshooting and debugging with improved MTTR while ensuring security and compliance policies are enforced. Thundra is committed to making the lives of enterprise IT professionals better by reducing the complexity, costs, and bottlenecks slowing teams down, leveraging Thundra’s unique technology footprint to replace numerous existing enterprise tools while improving productivity and efficiency.


Build secure and healthy serverless applications by discovering issues, understanding root causes, and taking rapid actions.


Monitor performance and cost of serverless workflows

Thundra monitors all of your serverless architecture composed of functions, third-party APIs, and AWS or non-AWS resources and provides an architectural view of all the services used by a serverless application with insights into performance and cost issues. Thundra brings distributed and local tracing together to give software teams the capability to track serverless transactions end-to-end with insights into the behavior of each line of application code to accelerate MTTR.


Close the doors for potential security vulnerabilities

Software teams safely accelerate software delivery by incorporating security from Thundra into their CI/CD workflows and runtime environments. Behavior anomalies are proactively detected across AWS Lambda functions. By detecting and whitelisting or blacklisting 3rd parties, Thundra improves serverless application compliance and prevents security vulnerabilities.

Case Study: GotPhoto Inc.gotphoto






Discovering the root cause of errors and difficulties responding to the problems of specific customers were big challenges for GotPhoto. Another crucial issue was discovering the reason behind latencies.



GotPhoto filled the deficiency of error troubleshooting with Thundra’s end-to-end tracing capabilities. Thundra enhanced the efficiency of tracking issues specifically related with selected customers.



Thundra helped GotPhoto gain visibility on its serverless architecture and brought insight into trackable errors. MTTR was automatically reduced by 60% and application health jumped up by 50%.

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