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Automated and Actionable Insights for Data and Analytics

Your applications generate data continuously, but this data is only valuable when you can understand it.
 Data doesn’t turn into meaningful information unless it is analyzed and monitored properly. Uncertainty around the size, complexity, and sources of data forces customers to leverage solutions that can help them answer questions about their data and then ask new questions about how it acts.

Today’s applications are mostly event-driven and have a distributed business logic. Tracing these applications is crucial to understanding the inner and outer impact of the data on your applications.

Thundra equips you with cutting-edge data visualization and reporting technology powered by AI-driven anomaly detection, helping you transform the unknowns in your valuable data into information that you can use to take your business to the next level. Thanks to Thundra’s unmatched distributed+local tracing, you can unleash the potential in your data and meet your KPIs



Anomaly Detection

AI-Driven insights and anomaly detection help for optimizing cost, health and performance.


Flexible Data Query Engine

Find the needle in the haystack with flexible queries.


Powerful Data Visualization

Demystifies the root causes of performance, cost, and security issues with a holistic approach.


Periodic Insightful Reporting

Stay on top of the health of your application with daily and weekly reports.

Manage your application health and have it run fast and safely with
AWS and Thundra.