Seamless Setup

When you add Thundra to your serverless application, it automatically detects the distributed and local traces, metrics and logs. You can integrate Thundra into your serverless application written in Node.js, Python, Java, .NET, Golang smoothly. There are numerous way of integrating Thundra like :

  • With Serverless Framework to all of your functions at a time with no code change.  
  • With AWS SAM to all of your functions with no code change.
  • With Lambda Layers added into your project.
  • With Thundra libraries added manually.


Zero Overhead

Thundra puts no additional burden on your Lambda functions.

Thundra provides lightweight libraries which detect, gather and send the data with minimal overhead. With async monitoring, you can even reduce it to zero by sending data over Amazon Cloudwatch.

thu-b-icon-ins Distributed + Local = Full Tracing

With Thundra’s unique tracing capability, you can both track the messages in distributed serverless architecture and trace the methods in your methods.

Thundra makes the journey of serverless transactions transparent in a flexible way with:

  • Distributed tracing to see the messages exchanges between serverless functions.
  • Detecting the bottlenecks and abnormal latencies in the life of a serverless transaction.
  • Local tracing to understand how and why some methods are slower than others in your AWS Lambda functions.
  • Configurable masking parameters to hide the confidential information when needed while tracing the life-cycle.

thu-b-icon-ins Advanced Searching

Noone knows your application better than you. With Thundra, you can create your own point of view towards your system and share it with your colleagues.

  • Create your own query and make it your default and check it first every time you’re in Thundra.
  • Filter the performance of your system for a specific user or event type.
  • Sort your functions with respect to their cost, usage frequency, duration and many more.
  • Search into your logs and jump to aggregated trace and invocation in a seamless way.
  • Share your queries with your colleagues and make everyone aware of the KPIs.



Cold starts happen. You can minimize them with Thundra's smart cold start solution.

On top of great monitoring capabilities, Thundra aims to make serverless experience more
seamless for serverless folks. With Thundra's warm-up module, you can keep your Lambda
containers warm with our concurrent calls to desired number of containers. By only
plugging Thundra's warm-up module with no code modification, you will be sure that cold
start percentage will drop to less than 1% for Java, Node.js, Python and Golang.

thu-b-icon-ins Monitor Architecture Visually

Serverless is more than functions. You need to see the big picture to focus on the overall health of your system. Thundra pulls your attention to problematic parts in your architecture.

  • Detect the unhealthy, slow or costly part of your system at a glance.
  • See the effect of the last deployment on your overall architecture with the timeline.
  • Track the health of your architecture with detailed timeline charts when clicked on a node or edge on your architecture.
  • Live monitor your architecture in the time of loads.

thu-b-icon-ins Alerting

Stay on top of your serverless problems with Thundra’s highly customizable alert policies and actionable notifications. Reduce the time-to-resolve drastically with Thundra!

  • Build up your own alert policy on top of flexible querying. Alert me when my functions duration exceeds 200ms and this is not because of cold start while dealing with customer x’s data. Totally possible with Thundra!
  • Keep your eye on multiple functions, stacks or all over your system.
  • Notify yourself and your colleagues over Slack, email, webhook, Pagerduty, Opsgenie etc.
  • We know why it happened. Receive insightful alerts and get back in action for resolving!