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Monitor Your GitHub Actions Workflows
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Monitor GitHub Actions Workflows
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Monitor & Troubleshoot
Your CI Workflows & Tests

CI Pipeline and test performance, trends,
all workflow key results, all in one place

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Monitor your builds and debug your tests from your CI/CD platform!

Monitoring made easy for CI pipelines, builds, jobs, steps, test suites, and tests.

Dive into error and latency root causes, save time, money, and effort

Pinpoint Bottlenecks in CI Builds
Shed Light Into Your CI Pipeline
Monitor multiple CI workflows on a single pane of glass, identify important trends and patterns
Debug Failed Tests
Understand CI Behaviour by Deep Dive into Workflow Runs
Identify your CI stages and jobs with the highest failure rates, to know where you should focus for debugging and troubleshooting
Understand System Behavior in Test Failures
End-to-end Observability of Every Test
Know exactly what the test is doing across services and dependencies with distributed traces. Debug tests line by line with Time-Travel-Debugging
Optimize CI performance
Debug Tests Smartly
Get traces, screenshots, performance metrics, logs, and more to understand why even the most complex integration test failed
Sergei Egorov

Sergei Egorov

Co-founder of Testcontainers

Testcontainers' own test suite is massive, because nothing is worse than an unstable testing tool. We always knew that there are opportunities to reduce its execution time by optimizing some of these tests, but Thundra helped visualizing the hotspots and prioritize the tests that needs to be optimized first. With this kick in the... err... build, we are ready to stop procrastinating and start optimizing!

Your Security is Our Main Concern!

Thundra never sees nor has access to your source code.

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thundra foresight integration

Monitor all of your CI Workflow at the same time, all in one place

Don't waste time switching between repositories to get an overview of how your workflows are performing

thundra foresight integration
thundra test run monitoring

Identify bottlenecks in your CI workflows

Dive into individual pipelines for more granular details to unveil errors and latencies for individual builds and jobs

thundra foresight integration

Full Visibility Into Your Test Runs

The status summary is displayed on a single screen for your test suites and Individual tests in every test run.
Identify slow, erroneous, and flaky tests and test suites!

thundra foresight integration
thundra test run monitoring

Contextualized Information For Every Single Test

Logs, metrics, traces, and performance charts give immediate context about the failure's root cause.

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Foresight Supports Your Stack

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