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Monitor your builds and debug your tests from your CI/CD platform!

Efficient microservices testing requires observable CI pipelines.

Debug your test failures with distributed tracing, reduce build times by 50%, and keep your master branch green.

Pinpoint Bottlenecks in CI Builds
Pinpoint Bottlenecks in CI Builds
Analyze tests with an aggregated view of test runs and test statuses for every commit
Debug Failed Tests
Debug Failed Tests
Contextualize test errors to determine whether the root cause is your service or a dependency
Understand System Behavior in Test Failures
Understand System Behavior in Test Failures
Have fine-grained details with distributed tracing to know the entire system’s behavior at a build failure
Optimize CI performance
Optimize CI performance
Understand performance bottlenecks and spot long-running outliers by test durations
Sergei Egorov

Sergei Egorov

Co-founder of Testcontainers

Testcontainers' own test suite is massive, because nothing is worse than an unstable testing tool. We always knew that there are opportunities to reduce its execution time by optimizing some of these tests, but Thundra helped visualizing the hotspots and prioritize the tests that needs to be optimized first. With this kick in the... err... build, we are ready to stop procrastinating and start optimizing!

Your Security is Our Main Concern!

Thundra never sees nor has access to your source code.

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thundra foresight integration

Plug & Play

Create your project and integrate with your integrate with your CI provider in 5 minutes!
Auto-instrument tests and gather test analytics for full observability.
GitHub Actions plugin makes it much easier!

thundra foresight integration
thundra test run monitoring

Full Visibility Into Your Test Runs

Status summary is displayed in a single screen for your test suites and Individual tests in every test run.
Identify slow, erroneous, and flaky tests and test suites!

thundra test runs

Contextualized Information For Every Single Test

Logs, metrics, traces, and performance charts give immediate context about the failure root cause.

thundra test runs
thundra tracing

Distributed Tracing For Your Tests

Debug failed tests with traces, metrics, logs, and live debugging!
Understand the behavior of your distributed microservices application at a test failure.

thundra debugging

Time Travel Debugging

Travel back in time to previous states of your application when testing by getting a snapshot of when each line is executed.
Step over each line of the code and track the values of the variables at each test run!

thundra debugging
thundra performance

Optimize CI Performance And Keep Master Green

Performance graphs help identify trends over time and detect outliers.
This helps to reduce build times and keep your builds green!

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Execution Time 01:38 time

Passed Tests 1,245 passed

Failed Tests 24 failed

Skipped Tests 0 skipped

Aborted Tests 22 aborted

Netflix Zuul

Execution Time 16:10 time

Passed Tests 11,616 passed

Failed Tests 13 failed

Skipped Tests 2 skipped

Aborted Tests 145 aborted


Execution Time 01:10 time

Passed Tests 261 passed

Failed Tests 0 failed

Skipped Tests 1 skipped

Aborted Tests 0 aborted