We support Serverless Community!

We support back the community! We are giving back to the esteemed Serverless community by open sourcing some of our internal projects. Check them out below:


MerLoc is a live AWS Lambda function development and debugging tool. MerLoc allows you to run AWS Lambda functions on your local while they are still part of a flow in the AWS cloud remote.

MerLoc Java

Provides GateKeeper and local AWS Lambda Runtime components for Java runtime to be able to use MerLoc as live AWS Lambda development tool.


"middy-profiler" is a Middy middleware for profiling CPU on AWS Lambda. Captured CPU profiling data is put into specified AWS S3 bucket.


"thundra-lambda-warmup" is a standalone serverless stack to bring warmup support for AWS Lambda functions to prevent cold starts (as much as possible) by keeping multiple Lambda containers alive for concurrent requests.


"middy-event-loop-tracer" is a Middy middleware for dumping active tasks with their stacktraces in the event queue just before AWS Lambda function timeouts. So you can understand what was going on in the function when timeout happens.


"treq" is a library to automatically trace requires/imports in your serverless applications and gives you insights about the most expensive modules in terms of coldstart overhead.


"middy-console-logger" is a Middy middleware for filtering logs printed over console logging methods (trace, debug, info, log, warn, error). If the level of the console logging method is equal or bigger than configured level, the log is printed, Otherwise, it is ignored.


"middy-invocation" is a Middy middleware for accessing current AWS Lambda invocation event and context from anywhere without need to passing event and context as arguments through your code.


"shron" is an NPM package to measure execution times of methods (sync/async) in TypeScript files by decorators ("@Shron") automatically without modifying method bodies.