Add AWS Lambda observability to Splunk for insights into all your systems, including serverless.

 Open the Serverless Black Box

Most organizations using serverless applications are unable to really understand (and therefore debug and optimize) how their serverless environments are performing.  With Thundra, you can now make truly informed adjustments to optimize performance, cost, and execution with detailed information into how your functions are running (or not).





Bring Serverless into Your World


With Splunk, Thundra gives you the option to analyze monitoring data from the privacy of your own Splunk deployments.  Deliver your serverless environment performance data into your organization precisely to the location that best fits your requirements from a business, technical, or regulatory perspective.  Add Thundra serverless data anywhere you have Splunk - on-premises, in the cloud, or in your hybrid cloud environment.

Inject Your Serverless Data into Splunk

Every organization has their own priorities and requirements when it comes to monitoring and improving application performance.  With the flexibility that Splunk provides, you can explore your AWS Lamda data in the way that works best for you, or create your own custom views.  Take advantage of Splunk's rich visualizations, alerting, and analysis tools to see a quick overview or dive deep into your AWS Lambda environment.




Analyze Serverless With the Rest of Your Organization’s Machine Data


Application performance data often comes from many different sources, including on-premises, cloud, serverless, or other SaaS solutions. Enterprises need to be able to analyze all this information together, versus keeping it in silos. With Thundra data in your Splunk deployment, analyze your serverless information alongside your other enterprise IT system data.  Combine serverless observability data, monitoring, visualization, and alerts with the rest of your Splunk deployment for a full view into your organization’s data.

Splunk Thundra Services
Rich Visualizations

Understand performance at a glance

Function / Resource Interactions

Analyze how functions are interacting with data sources, websites, and other services.

Deep Dive Reporting

Explore detailed trace charts, invocation times, or cold starts

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified of problems with Splunk alerts.