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How Thundra APM supports the full Serverless development lifecycle for Leadent Digital

In this webinar, witness the great serverless journey of Leadent Digital, one of the UK’s leading technology and consultancy firms. You will hear from Ross(Leadent Digital, CTO) and Paul(Head of Software, CTO) about why they had a need for monitoring their serverless architecture and which pain points Thundra APM addressed to help them optimize the health and performance of their serverless systems.
About this webinar
  • How does Leadent Digital take advantage of and utilize serverless technically and also culturally?
  • Observability challenges of Leadent Digital and how Thundra APM helped to solve those
  • Why debugging is a problem of serverless and how to cope with this problem.

Hosted By

Danilo Poccia
Chief Evangelist (EMEA) @ AWS

Ross Coundon
CTO @ Leadent Digital

Paul Newell
Head of Software @ Leadent Digital

Serkan Ozal
CO-FOUNDER & CTO @ Thundra

Ismail Egilmez
BDM @ Thundra