On-Demand Webinar

Happier Customers

with Serverless and Observability

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In this webinar, we learn the serverless journey of a team at AO.com, one of the UK’s leading online electrical retailers. By using serverless, the AO.com team were empowered to complete their first serverless feature release in less than three days. Rather than managing infrastructure concerns, the team focussed on delivering business features leading to happier customers. Using Thundra, the team were able to achieve a greater level of observability to operate and troubleshoot their serverless applications.

We cover:

  • Advantages of serverless for reducing time-to-production.
  • Common challenges that AO.com faced when adopting serverless and how they tackled these.
  • Why observability is so critical for any organization practicing serverless.
  • Implementation of observability to test, monitor and troubleshoot serverless architectures



Danilo Poccia
Principal Evangelist, Serverless, 


Jon Vines
Software Development Team Lead, AO.com


Emrah Samdan
VP of Products, Thundra