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The Non-Intrusive Debugging on Modern Architectures

Watch & see a great way of debugging remote applications on a demo application by using non-breaking breakpoints.
About this webinar
  • What are the drawbacks of classical remote debugging procedures?
  • What does non-intrusive debugging mean and why should it be preferred over classical remote debugging?
  • What’s the role of distributed tracing while debugging remote microservices?
  • How can Thundra Sidekick help alleviate all concerns securely and practically?

Hosted By

Ismail Egilmez
Business Development Manager @Thundra
Ismail Egilmez is the Business Development Manager at Thundra, where he works on re-shaping how observability for the DevOps lifecycle looks like. Ismail is interested in distributed architectures, especially from the resilience and visibility perspective. He worked in startups and enterprise companies in customer care roles previously and is obsessed with understanding and helping developers within his mission in Thundra. He writes on Thundra blog about cloud technologies and microservices.

Burak Kantarcı
Product Manager @Thundra
Burak Kantarcı works as the Product Manager at Thundra, a developer platform that empowers application teams to develop, debug, and deliver modern microservices on the cloud. With an engineering and design background, he is creating products to drive impact. His current goal is to ease developers' daily life and make their workflows more errorless and enjoyable.