The State of Serverless
in 2020
Tuesday, June 9th
10 am PST
1 pm EST
6 pm BST
The State of Serverless in 2020
It has been more than five years since serverless became part of our application development life cycle, following the announcement of AWS Lambda. After realizing some of their limitations, AWS has resolved many of the issues with serverless, and there are many pure serverless applications in production now. In this webinar, we'll talk about the current state of serverless as of June 2020, and discuss the existing challenges of serverless, as well as their solutions.
  • Why does serverless have the potential for being the default for the cloud?
  • What are the limitations that application teams still face, and what are the possible solutions to these limitations?
  • What's our #awswishlist this year to improve serverless even more?
  • How does DaySmart take advantage of and utilize serverless technically and also culturally?
  • How does Thundra help the serverless community go fast safely, and what's next for Thundra?
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