The State of Serverless 2020
Watch & get an overview about the current state of serverless as of June 2020, and the existing challenges of serverless, as well as their solutions.
About this webinar
  • Why does serverless have the potential for being the default for the cloud?
  • What are the limitations that application teams still face, and what are the possible solutions to these limitations?
  • What's our #awswishlist this year to improve serverless even more?
  • How does DaySmart take advantage of and utilize serverless technically and also culturally?
  • How does Thundra help the serverless community go fast safely, and what's next for Thundra?
Hosted by
Tim Wagner
CEO at Vendia
Tim wrote the original AWS Lambda concept paper for AWS back in 2012, and grew a team (based solely on an idea) into one of the largest and fastest growing cloud services on the planet. He’s also been VP of Engineering at Coinbase, the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency brokerage; served as Director of the C# and VB team at Microsoft; and is the author of the open source Serverless Networking stack. Back in the day, he got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Making software simpler for developers and enterprises is a lifelong goal for Tim, and he is now the co-founder and CEO of a stealth startup with a disruptive potential similar to Lambda...stay tuned for more!
Tom Kowalski
Chief Architect at DaySmart
Tom, who has been with DaySmart for almost 15 years, is the Chief Architect for the company, leading all modernization work and the journey toward serverless throughout the years. He has a serverless-first mindset that enabled DaySmart to innovate quickly and beat their competition. He’s a public speaker at several events, such as DevOpsDays Detroit and more.
Emrah Şamdan
VP of Product at Thundra
Emrah Şamdan is the VP of Products at Thundra, which offers tools to provide observability and security for serverless and containerized workloads. As one of the organizers of ServerlessDays Istanbul and ServerlessDays Virtual, he speaks at many conferences about serverless and is greatly involved in the serverless community. He tries to evangelize the serverless applications with his talks about serverless observability, serverless cost optimization, and chaos engineering. He is responsible for setting the roadmap of Thundra’s goal: to ease the life of software teams with a serverless-first mindset.