Debugging Serverless Applications
Serverless development has a large number of benefits that drive its value proposition, like scaling, security, and time-to-delivery. For application teams, going serverless decreases the benefits of traditional tooling offers as they now have to use several different workarounds to foster the local development and collaboration. Debugging, in particular, can be a pain point for developers switching from traditional microservices to serverless.
With Thundra’s real-time debugging, you can reduce the load on your development team, improve overall maintenance costs, and give your development team a fully debuggable serverless architecture that greatly reduces iteration costs while enhancing your application’s maintainability.
Frustration of moving from a microservice paradigm into a true serverless architecture
Established Practices for Microservices
Fully Configured Tracing and Monitoring
An Overview of Serverless Debugging
Improving serverless debugging with different approaches