Learn how you can achieve operation excellence with correct observability in serverless! 

Serverless resolves the issues of scalability and reliability. But the trade-off is that monitoring becomes a bigger headache. It's hard to achieve old-school monitoring in a highly-distributed, asynchronous environment. This is where observability comes to the rescue. Observability isn’t just monitoring. It’s more, enabling you to be ready even for issues that you didn’t know existed.

To claim full observability on serverless, you should have all three pillars (traces, metrics, and logs) aggregated at once. In this white paper, you'll see how you can achieve full observability on your system via real-world examples and approaches.

In this paper, you'll learn:

Differences between observability and monitoring.


Why observability is critical for serverless applications.


How you can take advantage of vendor solutions and what to do when they are not adequate.


How you can achieve observability with OpenTracing standards.


How Thundra helps you with the observability and achieving system transparency.