serverless horror stories

Serverless Horror Stories

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Let's dive into four real-life examples of failures in serverless architectures that cause a big headache for the developers!
Serverless movement enabled many companies to develop and deliver the best value for their customers in the fastest way possible. However, failures are there to stay due to numerous reasons such as misconfiguration of resources, bad coding practices, wrong handling mechanism and more. These failures can cause catastrophic problems for the software teams. In this whitepaper, we will go over four real-life examples of failures in serverless architectures. We’ll then explain the causes of these failures and what are the necessary steps to take in order to prevent and proactively monitor them.
Having control on serverless costs in a holistic way
Protecting your system from invalid records that damage performance
Configuring event sources and other services properly to avoid throttling
Preventing these issues with serverless observability.