Observability for the full Software Development Lifecycle

Discover bottlenecks and detect issues in development, test, staging, and production 10X faster!
Monitor, debug, and test your 
APM for Serverless and Containers
Foresight Ship faster without risk
Sidekick Real-time App Monitoring
ServerlessDebugger AWS Lambda Debugger
Automated application observability

Understand and troubleshoot your distributed applications end-to-end down to the line level of the runtime code for every local service or container-based application. Easily pinpoint the bottlenecks in your applications and uncover the unknown unknowns.

Serverless Monitoring

Monitor your serverless workloads with automated instrumentation to efficiently troubleshoot and debug. Ensure application health, performance, and cost-effectiveness with out-of-the-box metrics for serverless services, flexible alerting, and automated distributed tracing.

Bulb Discover bottlenecks and detect issues
Bulb Record and replay your application code
Bulb Optimize cloud cost
Bulb Live serverless debugging
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Monitor / Debug your CI Pipelines & Tests

Monitor resource usage metrics, understand workflow costs, success & failure rates. Foresight provides visibility into test runs, enabling teams to quickly debug test failures, detect flaky & slow tests.

Analyze the code change impact & prioritize tests

Foresight correlates the changes to the codebase with the test coverage reports to determine how much of the changes are covered by the tests. Dramatically reduce the test cycle times without compromising quality.

Risk Assess the risk level of software changes
Chart Reduce test cycle times by test prioritization
Flaky test Identify slow and flaky tests
Cost Speed up your builds and save your CI costs
Don't stop the whole process, just debug one invocation at a time

Debug your serverless app like you debug any code that you host on your computer with native debugging actions, enabling you to see the values of local variables and the entire stack trace.

Debug Lambdas on AWS with their own permissions

Remove the barriers that prevent the ability to debug Lambda functions on IDE.

Chart Debug Lambdas from your IDE (IntelliJ IDEA, VSCode)
Chart True live debugging on real AWS Lambda environment
Chart No simulation, reproduction, or redeployment
Chart Self-hosted deployment option for 100% security
Production debugging

Debug applications wherever and whenever they are running, without replicating the entire application on the local machine. Sidekick enables developers to debug issues where they occur, with the actual data, dramatically reducing time to resolution.

On-demand logging

Use Sidekick to collect relevant data required to debug issues when they occur. Increase your observability and decrease your monitoring costs by collecting the data only when you need it without stopping & redeploying your application.

Chart Tracepoints (aka non-breaking breakpoints)
Chart Logpoints (aka on-demand logs)
Chart Debug directly from IDEs
Chart No error reproduction & redeployment
Leading brands trust Thundra
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Leading brands trust Thundra
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Aaron Jensen from Substantial
Aaron Jensen
Principal Developer, Substantial
I'd consider Thundra a must-have for any serverless application we're building for our clients. The granularity Thundra provides into our distributed microservices is a time and money saver.
Substantial uses Thundra
Tom Kowalski from DaySmart
Tom Kowalski
Chief Architect @ DaySmart
The biggest benefit is being able to “see” the issues in our serverless architecture and being able to “pinpoint” them intuitively.
DaySmart takes advantage of Thundra
Ross Coundon
CTO @ Leadent Digital
Thundra APM is a critical element of our observability and monitoring strategy for our many serverless applications. It allows us to not only monitor the health and performance of our applications, but also to get real-time insight into how they can be tuned and improved. Engagement with Thundra’s core technical team continues to be first-class.
Leadent Digital optmizes cost with Thundra.
Dhaval from Winnow
Dhaval Pancholi
Director - Winnow, Crunch Media Works
Thundra is one of the great ways to solve observability issues in our serverless application. It's like putting a tracer bullet in our codebase which helps us to pinpoint part of infrastructure which can be improved or is failing. Now, with introduction of the code-analysis feature, Thundra is taking analytics a step further by almost automating parts of code-review process.
Winnow optmizes cost with Thundra.
Ankit from Datavizz
Ankit Sheth
CEO, DataVizz
Gaining end-to-end visibility and management for our serverless stack and increasing developer productivity and high application performance while proactively managing using metrics and benchmarks was a big win for us.
DataVizz uses Thundra to respond alerts
Arda from Arcelik
Arda Tasci
AI and Analytics Lead at Arcelik
With easy set-up in minutes, Thundra lets us quickly dig deep into our serverless data pipeline. We identify and solve issues even before they happen, thanks to the insights provided by Thundra.
Arcelik uses Thundra for data visualization
Ivan from fotograf.de
Ivan Toth
Senior Software Engineer, Fotograf.de
It brought us much more insights into errors happening and tracking them down which we were missing for some years now. The tagging feature is awesome as it brings us the ability to track issues based specifically per customer.
fotograf.de uses Thundra
Elmer from Soulpicks
Elmer van den Heuvel
CTO, Soulpicks
Thundra allows us to keep a great overview of our Serverless AWS environment as we can easily monitor lambda performance, cold starts, errors and costs. The detailed tracing functionality and the ability to tag invocations with user ids and error codes have been proven invaluable
Soulpicks use Thundra for decreasing cold starts
Ender from Sopyo
Ender Gazel
Cofounder, Sopyo
Thundra is best and easy to use AWS lambda monitor tool ı used. Thundra helps you get visibility into what is happening in your distributed system in a clean and easy way so you can detect problems faster.
Sopyo case study
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