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End-to-end CI Monitoring
Your CI pipeline turns into insightful analytics at the moment you commit your code
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End-to-end CI Monitoring
Your CI pipeline turns into insightful analytics at the moment you commit your code
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Monitor your builds and debug your tests from your CI/CD platform!

Sergei Egorov

Sergei Egorov

Co-founder of Testcontainers

Testcontainers' own test suite is massive, because nothing is worse than an unstable testing tool. We always knew that there are opportunities to reduce its execution time by optimizing some of these tests, but Thundra helped visualizing the hotspots and prioritize the tests that needs to be optimized first. With this kick in the... err... build, we are ready to stop procrastinating and start optimizing!

Your Security is Our Main Concern!

Thundra never sees nor has access to your source code.

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thundra test run monitoring

Monitor your test runs, accelerate your CI Builds!

You are developing so fast but failed tests may block your releases. See failed tests, errors, and traces of your test runs easily. Ensure your team delivers clean and fast builds.

thundra test run monitoring
thundra test runs

Deep-dive into your test suites

Don’t get lost in the test files and folders. Foresight organizes your tests under related test suites. Logs, metrics, traces, and performance charts give immediate context about the failure root cause.

thundra tracing

Build Confidently with Distributed Tracing

Moving from monoliths to microservices is challenging. Testing microservices is more challenging. With distributed tracing, be confident about the challenges in your microservice testing.

thundra tracing
thundra debugging

Don't reproduce errors, debug code & discover error root causes

Record and replay your previous test runs. Don’t waste time reproduce errors on your local. Step over each line of the code and track the values of the variables at each test run!

thundra performance

Manage flaky tests and optimize CI performance!

Find out which tests are taking the longest and identify opportunities. Speed things up and save your CI costs.

thundra performance
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Execution Time 01:38 time

Passed Tests 1,245 passed

Failed Tests 24 failed

Skipped Tests 0 skipped

Aborted Tests 22 aborted

Netflix Zuul

Execution Time 16:10 time

Passed Tests 11,616 passed

Failed Tests 13 failed

Skipped Tests 2 skipped

Aborted Tests 145 aborted


Execution Time 01:10 time

Passed Tests 261 passed

Failed Tests 0 failed

Skipped Tests 1 skipped

Aborted Tests 0 aborted