our first webinar introducing Thundra with a demo.


Instrumentandprofileyour functions withzero overhead.

Gain visibility to identify and resolve issues faster.

Why Thundra?

Thundra helps answer your toughest questions about the health of your Serverless infrastructure by giving you invaluable insights into your AWS Lambda functions.

Full observability: Metrics, logs and tracing at one place

One and only tool to automatically instrument and trace your Lambda functions

Zero overhead with asynchronous monitoring

Built for Serverless Observability

Thundra brings observability into your AWS Lambda functions by bringing metrics, logs, distributed tracing, and soon alerting together.

Instrumentation & Tracing

Thundra lets you instrument your AWS Lambda function with no code change thanks to its unmatched automatic instrumentation ability. On top of great flexibility of local tracing, Thundra is compatible with AWS X-RAY for distributed tracing.

Zero Overhead

Thundra does not affect the duration and memory usage of your functions while keeping track of everything because it leverages Amazon CloudWatch logs for asynchronous execution. No more request timeouts or unnecessary delays!

Metric & Log Aggregation

Thundra gathers logs and performance metrics (memory, CPU, GC etc.) and shows them along with detailed trace charts. All in one place. This way, Thundra achieves three pillars of observability in your Serverless environment.

Get Started in 5 minutes

Once you add Thundra’s artifacts as dependencies to your project in a couple of minutes, you can gain visibility into your AWS Lambda functions.

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