Observability for CI Pipelines

Debug failed tests with traces, metrics, logs, live debugging and more

Thundra Foresight takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting build failures, providing unmatched visibility into your continuous integration process.

Foresight is Entirely & Forever Free for Open-Source Projects

Thundra Foresight

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To understand how Thundra Foresight works, we added Foresight into several open-source projects. You can explore the build process and the test runs for these open source projects. We recommend you give a quick tour with sample applications then set up your own project.


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Foresight brings modern observability to your tests

checkImprove your build performance by troubleshooting errors in your test runs

checkDon’t reproduce test failures just debug on your CI server

checkGain rapid insights into the important metrics to keep the entire CI pipeline on track

checkDon’t get lost in log dumps, trace the test errors across many external services

Your Security is Our Main Concern!

Thundra never sees nor has access to your source code.

See Security Page

Full Visibility Into Your Test Runs

Status summary is displayed in a single screen for your test suites and Individual tests in every test run.
Identify slow, erroneous, and flaky tests and test suites!

thundra test run monitoring
thundra test runs

Contextualized Information For Every Single Test

Logs, metrics, traces, and performance charts give immediate context about the failure root cause.

Distributed Tracing For Your Tests

Debug failed tests with traces, metrics, logs, and live debugging!
Understand the behavior of your distributed microservices application at a test failure.

thundra tracing
thundra debugging

Time Travel Debugging

Travel back in time to previous states of your application when testing by getting a snapshot of when each line is executed.
Step over each line of the code and track the values of the variables at each test run!

Optimize CI Performance And Keep Master Green

Performance graphs help identify trends over time and detect outliers.
This helps to reduce build times and keep your builds green!

thundra performance
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Foresight Supports Your Stack

thundra supported stacks

Observability is shifting left.
Your tests are more transparent than ever!

Check out these open-source projects’ tests statuses. Explore instant visibility into the test runs with Foresight.


Execution Time 01:38 time

Passed Tests 1,245 passed

Failed Tests 24 failed

Skipped Tests 0 skipped

Aborted Tests 22 aborted

Netflix Zuul

Execution Time 16:10 time

Passed Tests 11,616 passed

Failed Tests 13 failed

Skipped Tests 2 skipped

Aborted Tests 145 aborted


Execution Time 01:10 time

Passed Tests 261 passed

Failed Tests 0 failed

Skipped Tests 1 skipped

Aborted Tests 0 aborted

Improve your CI cycle with deep insights on your test runs.

It’s entirely and forever free for open-source projects.