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debugging and monitoring apps



Debugging in Remote Environments

Modern microservices rely on services provided by cloud vendors or 3rd party dependencies. It's hard to mimic the production environment when developing distributed applications on cloud. Although there are best practices and multiple tools for managing the complexity and resolving the issues after the code is in production, managing the pre-production complexity for modern applications is still a problem.

debugging and monitoring apps



Debug Any Application Remotely with Thundra Sidekick

Thundra Sidekick is a remote debugger that lets you debug your distributed cloud applications. It provides the closest possible experience to native debugging from your IDE and more. Developers are able to debug applications on cloud by putting tracepoints to extract information out of it. When they want to test the small fixes, they can fast-reload the application without having to redeploy. By using Thundra developers can save time and productivity and focus on developing cloud native applications.


Sidekick is a developer tool providing observability at every stage of the DevOps pipeline for complex application architectures.

thundra development cycles
Improve Developement Cycle Times
Sidekick lets developers debug from their IDE, hotfix and fast reload small code changes without having to re-deploy in remote development environments.
thundra developer experience
Improve Developer Experience
Sidekick eliminates the need for multiple tools for pre-production environments by offering everything from automated instrumentation to cloud debugging and distributed tracing in a single platform.
cloud migration
Accelerate Cloud Migration
Sidekick removes the drawbacks of remote development and empowers developers migrate to AWS cloud from the beginning of their software cycle — set up remote development environments on AWS.
application modernization
Accelerate Application Modernization
Sidekick provides end-to-end observability into complex architectures. Organizations can adopt event-driven architectures,use distributed resources on containerized or serverless workloads with confidence.

Thundra Sidekick on AWS

Thundra Sidekick is an application debugger for remote pre and post productions environments. It enables developers debug their applications 10x faster than before. With Sidekick, developers can debug any kind of applications such as microservices applications with distributed architectures hosted on AWS cloud or on-premises. Developers who embrace DevOps and are motivated to solve the pains of pre-production issues in cloud applications use Sidekick to eliminate problems in production thereby minimizing the need for on-call response, increase productivity, and deliver robust and resilient applications.


thundra development cycles
Non-breaking Tracepoints
Thundra Sidekick is a powerful debugger at developers’ IDE enabling them to debug microservices applications on remote development, staging, and production environments. Thundra Sidekick removes debugging burdens and enables developers to put tracepoints to code, which doesn’t break execution but instead takes snapshots for developers to examine later. Then it takes things to the next level by displaying the distributed trace, providing developers with the ability to make hotfixes and reload without having to redeploy.
thundra developer experience
Distributed Tracing, Hotfix & Reload
Thundra Sidekick connects several tracepoints in the same distributed transaction. Developers can navigate between the snapshots of the same transaction and achieve end-to-end visibility for debugging. Developers are used to fix the code, build and deploy the new version to the cloud during debugging. Thundra Sidekick allows developers to reload the code in remote environments without having to re-deploy the application. This means development cycle times improve drastically.

Case Study


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solution Challenges

JustFulfil developers were spending time and effort on mocking AWS services to develop locally. They were scared of bugs after deploying code to the cloud because debugging meant getting drawn in logs and making countless redeployments.

remote Solution

JustFulfil developers are able to understand their microservices applications behavior remotely at all phases of from pre to post production with Sidekick’s correlated debugging and distributed tracing capabilities.

results Results

Sidekick helped JustFulfil developers revolutionize their development cycles dramatically. Debugging is now done 10x faster and the development cycle times improved drastically. Developers prevent production issues easily in pre-production on AWS cloud.

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