Debug your serverless applications
from your local IDE
Use Thundra to debug your AWS Lambda functions remotely
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The most native debugging experience for AWS Lambda
Thundra’s online-debugger runs on your cloud environment while all the other solutions simulate it. Thundra allows you to debug your serverless applications on the cloud with their own permissions. Thundra’s online-debugger sets up a secure bridge between your AWS Lambda environment and your IDE. VSCode and IntelliJ IDEA are natively supported with plugins. For other IDEs, we provide a portable client to foster the integration with any IDEs.
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Debugger for AWS Lambda - VSCode plugin
Thundra’s online-debugger VSCode plugin is live on Visual Studio Marketplace. You can debug your AWS Lambda functions in Node.js and Python by using the plugin with no hassle. It’s no different than debugging local applications on your IDE. You can pause the function execution with breakpoints.
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Debugger for AWS Lambda - IntelliJ IDEA plugin
Thundra’s online-debugger IntelliJ IDEA plugin is live on Jetbrains Marketplace. Start online debug sessions while the AWS Lambda functions run on AWS Cloud. Thundra sets up an easy and secure connection between your AWS Lambda functions and IntelliJ IDEA. Debug your serverless applications natively with their own permissions. Stop mocking resources and simulating the environments. Put breakpoints and pause the execution of the Java functions to see the stack trace.
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Real-time Debugging
Some bugs can only be caught in real-production environment. Thundra supports below runtimes for debugging applications on cloud.
Debug, Monitor, Troubleshoot, Secure Any Application Fast
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Production Debugging
Do you want to put breakpoints but don't want to pause applications on cloud? Step through your application after its execution ends with Thundra.
Debug your AWS Lambda functions line-by-line without stopping the application
For the functions that have complicated business logic inside, Thundra provides an unmatched way of debugging the applications. You can see what exactly happened in an AWS Lambda function after the execution is finished. All you need to do is to plug Thundra in. No manual instrumentation, no code change.
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Debug transactions between distributed services down to the line level of the code
Thundra's offline-debugging enables you to debug your event-driven architectures and uncover the unknowns with its unique combination of distributed tracing visualization and IDE-like debug view. Thundra automatically generates end-to-end debugging experience out of the box with no code change required.
Real-time Production
Automatic Installation
No Code Pollution
Granular Visibility
Rapid Error Detection