Debug and trace microservices without stopping them while collaborating with your team

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Cloud Debuggercloud-debugger

Thundra Sidekick's cloud debugger connects to your code repository and lets you import any project you wish. Code import is as easy as just a few clicks. The integration works for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more.

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IntelliJ IDEA PluginintelliJ-plugin

Thundra Sidekick's IntelliJ IDEA IDE plugin enables you to debug your microservices without leaving your IDE. You can set tracepoints to your code from the comfort of your IDE. It just feels like debugging your remote apps in your local.

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Debugging remote applications has never been easier.

Deliver applications secure and fast. Debug issues in development and prevent them before they reach to production.

increased productivity
Increased developer productivity!
A problem with your code! The typical flow is: Understand error with logs, fix it, deploy it, verify it. No more! Thundra breaks the cycle and saves a huge amount of developers time. Understand the problem a lot easier with cloud debugging, see the impact of fix instantly with hot reload!
platform agnostic
Platform agnostic
Thundra works on any infrastructure on any cloud platform. Our platform-agnostic instrumentation approach makes it possible to gain visibility on your pre-production environment on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and more.

*It is currently available for non-serverless workloads.

complete visibility
Complete visibility
Thundra tracepoints shed light on the code for every service in your stack. Thundra connects the tracepoints in the same transaction and lets developers debug the whole distributed transaction on the same pane.
easy to start
Easy to start
Getting Started with Thundra is easy. Just add the SDK and start debugging immediately. Thundra's lightweight instrumentation adds minimal overhead and stays silent when not working. For Java and Python now, other runtimes are coming soon.
How does Thundra Sidekick work?
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Thundra Sidekick Documentation

Thundra Sidekick is helpful when developers work on remote environments and debug their code while they build. Let’s take a look at how it works!

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Cloud Debugger

thundra sidekick code import github



Import your code from anywhere!

Give read-only permission to Sidekick at Github and select the repository and branch you would like to debug. Sidekick will pull your code and let you debug it!
*Java & Python runtimes are supported now. Support for other runtimes is coming soon.
**Github integration is supported now. Gitlab and Bitbucket integrations are coming soon.

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thundra sidekick code import github
thundra sidekick tracepoints



Non-breaking Breakpoints aka. Tracepoints!

Execution does not stop or pause! Set as many non-intrusive breakpoints in your code lines as you want to get the application state with local, and global variables including the full stack trace.

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thundra sidekick snapshots



Take Snapshots without Pausing your Application!

When the code execution hits the tracepoint, Sidekick automatically captures an event, and it appears in the events section. Click on an event and see the details such as metadata, the call stack, and captured variables.

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thundra sidekick snapshots
thundra sidekick distributed tracing



Complete Visibility into Distributed Traces!

With its plug&play instrumentation, Sidekick automatically connects the tracepoints of the same transaction in a distributed trace. The visualized traces lets you see the errors at a glance.

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IntelliJ IDEA

Debug your Java applications from your IntelliJ IDEA with Sidekick plugin.

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VS Code plugin is coming soon! Would you like to be the first one to hear when it is live?

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