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Boost developer productivity with remote debugging for microservices.
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IntelliJ IDEA Plugin
Debug your Java microservices while you code from where you code! Thundra's IntelliJ IDEA Plugin enables developers to set tracepoints from the comfort of their IDE. Don't waste time digging the log files for cloud debugging. Debug as if you're debugging your local code with Thundra!
Using any other IDE? Let us know and we'll support it!
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Automated Security Guardrails for modern apps
Coming soon:
Debugger on the Web
Thundra's cloud debugger gets connected to your code repository and lets you set tracepoints for any application running on any cloud platform. Integrated with distributed tracing, that brings the ultimate visibility for development environments.
Debugging remote applications has never been easier.
Debug issues in development and prevent them before they reach to production.
Increased developer productivity!
A problem with your code! The typical flow is: Understand error with logs, fix it, deploy it, verify it. No more! Thundra breaks the cycle and saves a huge amount of developers time. Understand the problem a lot easier with cloud debugging, see the impact of fix instantly with hot reload!
Platform agnostic
Thundra works on any infrastructure on any cloud platform. Our platform-agnostic instrumentation approach makes it possible to gain visibility on your pre-production environment on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and more.
Complete visibility
Thundra tracepoints shed light on the code for every service in your stack. Thundra connects the tracepoints in the same transaction and lets developers debug the whole distributed transaction on the same pane.
Easy to start
Getting Started with Thundra is easy. Just add the SDK and start debugging immediately. Thundra's lightweight instrumentation adds minimal overhead and stays silent when not working. For Java now, other runtimes are coming soon.