On-Demand Webinar

Running Serverless

with Full Observability

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In this webinar, we talk about how Amsterdam based startup Soulpicks chose AWS Lambda as part of their serverless platform and preferred Thundra as the observability solution for their business. 

We cover:

  • Advantages of using Serverless for start-ups.
  • Common serverless challenges how Soulpicks addressed those.
  • Observability challenges of Soulpicks and how Thundra helped to solve those.
  • Best practices of serverless observability in development, testing, and troubleshooting phases.



Chris Munns
Principal and lead Developer Advocate for Serverless Applications, 


Elmer van den Heuvel
Cloud Architect & CTO,  Soulpicks


Emrah Samdan
VP of Products, Thundra