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Serverless and Demand Spikes

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In the extraordinary times in which modern enterprises find themselves, the ability to scale digital infrastructure seamlessly to meet rapidly increasing demand is as critical as ever.
This white paper will address serverless technology as a potential solution for companies experiencing exceptional demands on their infrastructure. While examining serverless against other solutions like monolith applications running on VMs or microservices running on containerized environments, we considered four main factors that proves serverless as the best option. These are namely:

• Separation of Concerns
• Engineering/Operational Culture
• Scaling/Concurrency
• Cost Efficiency.

After evaluating each factor thoroughly, the paper will conclude by summarizing the advantages offered by serverless architecture in facing elastic demand concerns.
Why traditional monoliths can’t scale fast enough to meet the demand spikes
How microservices paradigm helps companies with scalability and reliability
How you should change your engineering and devops culture to accelerate scalability
Why serverless is the best option to build scalable, reliable and cost-effective applications to meet the fluctuating demand